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June 2011

SLY Newsletter Spring '12

Boldness. That one word has resonated throughout my life the last few months. It's a strong biblical theme, in fact the most common command in the Bible is “do not fear” or “fear not”. Why? Because we are to be guided by a fear of the LORD (Proverbs 1:7), not by fear of man or circumstance. Our trust is to be in God, our hope in Him, our strength in Him. How easy it is to ascribe to that notion without ever practicing it. That has been a great area of conviction in my life lately. Too often at work, in ministry, and worst of all, at home, I fail to share the Gospel. Not just with unbelievers. Believers needs to hear it, too. To borrow Craig Groechel's phrase, we tend to live as “Christian Atheists”. We ascribe to Jesus in theory, but fact is something different entirely. How often do we need reminded of the Gospel?  Constantly. So for me to neglect the encouragement of the brotherhood simply because I'm afraid it will be taken wrong or they're just going to roll their eyes, is really sinful. And hateful, not loving. How do you love? You point people to what is most satisfying. Jesus is all satisfying. Point people to Jesus. Be clear, be bold.

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Spring 2012