Wayne was born and raised in a Christian home in central Montana. He went to a private Christian school, loved sports, the outdoors, hunting, fishing and ranching.

Shannon was born and raised in a Christian family in north Idaho. She grew up on the family farm, learning the value of hard work. She attended public school and enjoyed the farm life, especially her horses.

They met at Montana Wilderness School of the Bible from which they both graduated. They began dating and were married a little more than a year later. Soon after, they were signed on to do youth work at their local church in Plummer, Idaho. They have been doing youth work on the Couer d’Alene Indian reservation ever since.

God has blessed Wayne and Shannon by adding to their family. Montana Grace Eve, born on March 23, 2002, is a beautiful girl who loves the farm life. Her younger sister, Emma Ariss Eve,


Will was born and raised in North Idaho, growing up in a Christian home as the oldest of 10 children. He was home schooled and has always enjoyed sports, particularly baseball and football, along with hunting, trapping, fishing, camping, and most anything outdoors. He is an avid reader and frequent writer. 

Andie grew up in the midst of cornfields in northwestern Iowa. Also home schooled and the youngest of three girls, Andie describes herself as short, perky, awesome, and fun. It's a fitting description.

The two were married in August of 2011, and are pursuing a life in ministry together. Currently they serve as the Field and Promotions Coordinator for South Lake Youth Ministries.

Will & Andie Dole

Wayne & Shannon Eve

born Jan. 24, 2005, is a true joy to have in the family. She loves her big sister dearly. Micah Whalen Eve, born March 25, 2008, has added a whole new dimension to family dynamics.

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